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Personal Bio

Jo Blanco

American Photographer

Born in New York City he now resides in Miami Beach with his Akita Bo.

Jo's young athletic career ended abruptly with injury. In 1983 and after a lot of soul searching he took to learning the camera going on to follow in the family's creative footsteps.

Jo finds it very interesting that his lessons on the playing field have been very useful as he applies them to his new career .

“ Quick decisions, deductive reasoning, handling

pressure, finding the right angle, and leadership

have all come in very handy during my shoots.

Having 3 seconds to make a decision under heavy

pressure is no easy task. I find those lessons to play out very often in my photography.

My images are a testament to life that is constantly

happening all around me. Photography at its very

best is completely unpredictable. You have to anticipate what will happen and where it will

happen, it will make you as honest as an athlete.

I like my photography to be clean, pure and of real moments ”.

His Personal Work is listed under Environmental Portraiture.

Jo likes to associate himself with a great group of carefully selected individuals to help in creating on location.

His focus on overseeing productions is very comforting to his clients.

When you come down you will have a successful

shoot along with a pleasant experience.

Just start with making a call to him and feeling it out.

Jo feels his next exploration will be in film.

He has an excellent feel for balanced composition,

color and lighting situations on location.

His love for film directed him towards photography ,

so now he feels its gone full circle with photography paving his way into film.

Thank You for taking the time to learn about Jo

and his photography.